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Many of us have volunteered our time for service organizations, non-profits, schools, universities, churches, and more. Volunteers in general love what they do, and while many of them have very little to give financially, they spend their time, their resources and in some cases, their lives, supporting a cause that is near and dear to their heart.

By far and large, volunteers feel supported and appreciated, but sometimes people fall through the cracks or management and volunteer organizers hinder or impede the full potential of their staff. In order to foster a spirit of camaraderie, teamwork and fellowship, it is important to reward every volunteer and share a little bit of love from time to time. Remember, no volunteer is any more important than the other. Regardless of skill, education level or age, they all deserve the same recognition, and here’s how to do it…

Provide an Organizational Infrastructure
One of the best ways to keep volunteers happy, organized and working to their full potential is to provide a top-notch organizational structure. Hiring responsible, caring and empathetic managers and volunteer coordinators creates an atmosphere where volunteers feel like they are being managed fairly, are supported by a dedicated team, and are free to ask questions and be themselves. In fact, in a recent publication from the Canadian Center for Philanthropy, a well-run organizational structure is ranked as the most frequently mentioned form of support among volunteers.

Skip the Awards Ceremony & Dinner
While volunteers are happy to do their job, donate their time and work towards a shared goal with their peers and organization, they aren’t always as keen to dress up for an elaborate awards ceremony or dinner and drinks out on the town. Some volunteers see this spending as a waste, and would rather accept a hand-written thank you note, lunch on the job, or a donation made in their name or the name of a loved one. Sometimes a simple “good job” or “I appreciate you and your time” will suffice.

Think About Gift Cards
Volunteers often provide their own transportation, pay for their own meals, and sometimes use their own equipment to complete a job. They spend their own money on gas, food, and other related expenses. Even though you can’t reimburse your volunteers with a check for this, providing them with a gift card is a perfect opportunity to share some love and appreciation.

If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all gift like this, why not give gift cards to your volunteers?

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