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Outsourcing B2B Gift Card Fulfillment and Other Operations

If you want to manage a profitable B2B gift card program, then you can’t afford to make operations like fulfillment or customer service an afterthought. However, these functions are challenging for many brands to execute in-house.

Partnering with an experienced B2B gift card program team will streamline operations and fuel growth.

#1: Outsourced operations reduce day-to-day hassles.
If you’re like many brand gift card managers, your primary responsibilities focus on core marketing or finance functions. That can make it tough to efficiently manage challenges like ensuring a new B2B buyer’s payment is verified or making sure the right gift card design is shipped to the right location.

Stoner Bunting Gift Cards (SBGC) is an experienced B2B gift card order and fulfillment partner. We take on the daily operations that bog down you and your team, from card activation to customer service to detailed reporting. As a result, you spend less time sorting through which payments were verified and more time focusing on your core to-do list.

#2: Outsourced operations lower in-house costs.
If your retail brand’s core competency is not the operations needed for B2B gift card fulfillment, your team may not have the expertise or other resources to develop streamlined processes. What’s more, in-house customer service teams are notoriously challenging to staff. And, if you can’t support dedicated staff, that leaves you or your team to juggle orders and fulfillment along with your other responsibilities.

Those inefficiencies come with a price-one that drives program costs higher.

SBGC serves as an extension of your team. We combine tried-and-true processes with ongoing refinement of best practices to deliver efficient order and fulfillment that lowers the in-house costs of your B2B program.

#3: Outsourced operations improves customer care.
Acquiring a new customer costs about five times as much as generating additional business from an existing one, and one factor that contributes to customer retention is the buyer’s experience. If your B2B gift card program’s order and fulfillment process can’t stack up to buyers’ high expectations, you could be sending revenue to the competition.

SBGC team members aren’t simply “order takers.” Our team of customer care representatives works closely with B2B buyers every day. We understand what they need and expect. That gives us the insights to make sure transactions run smoothly and your buyer feels like the valued customer they are. In addition, team members offer decades of combined customer service expertise to serve your B2B gift card buyers with a level of professionalism that exceeds expectations.

Keep more of your revenue.  From high staffing costs to low customer retention, inefficient operations will hurt the bottom line. Take control of your brand’s program operations, like B2B gift card fulfillment, by working with an experienced outsourced partner.

Talk with a SBGC team member.

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