Office Gifts: The Worst Presents From Employers

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Office parties are perhaps only slightly less hated than the pathetic, “I-feel-obligated-to-give-you-something-because-we-sit-five-feet-apart-from-each-other-every-day,” gift from your boss. (Side note: this excludes Stoner Bunting’s office parties. Ours are actually great – here’s some photographic evidence). Here’s a tip: keep your expectations low and you might be less disappointed with this year’s gift. Maybe. Is it even possible to sink lower than a re-gifted candle? We really hope not.

Maybe it’s the fact that you know there was precisely zero effort put into the gift, or maybe it’s just that obligatory gifts are no fun. Either way, you know you’re not getting what you want from your boss.


That being said, we took and informal poll here at the Stoner Bunting Gift Cards office to compile a list of the worst gifts we have ever received from our bosses, and here’s what we came up with. Get ready to be disappointed by this truly tragic list:

1. Shot glasses – with the company logo, of course.
2. Set of personalized pens – c’mon – we all know you didn’t even try. At least it shows your boss knows your name.
3. Key chains.
4. A Frankenstein comic book (there’s no good explanation for this one).
5. Expired gift cards. Ouch.
6. Business books – as if you don’t spend enough time thinking about work.
7. Plastic glasses stand – yup, someone really got this as a present.
8. Finally, the worst offender – no gift at all.

Granted, there are exceptions to every rule, and it’s possible that someone has received of these aforementioned gifts and actually enjoyed them (except for the last one – that’s a disappointment universally). But everyone has had the experience of receiving a gift that they truly did not want and had to feign enthusiasm over to avoid hurt feelings (“No, Mom! I totally love this Christmas sweater, shoulder pads and all!”).

Good news, employers and bosses of the world – we’re here to give you an alternative that your employees are almost guaranteed to love.


So, what’s a boss to do? Maybe looking for employee incentive ideas and bulk gift cards are good ways to start. It’s really hard to go wrong with a gift card. Most employees might want cold, hard cash – but cold, hard plastic is a great substitute.

Employers, this year, consider investing in a gift that your employees actually want. It’s a win-win – your employees are happy, and you’ll know that your money wasn’t wasted (we all know your concerned about the bottom line).

Not only will your employees be excited about their gifts, but your company can save money by purchasing gift cards in bulk. And we didn’t even mention how easy gift cards are – they take minimal effort and reward with maximum results.


Score some points with your employees – and maybe even on your credit card – with a purchase of bulk gift cards to use as an employee incentive or gift this year. Everyone will thank you – and mean it.

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