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Properly motivating and rewarding your sales team can be a confusing task. Members of your team may all have very different interests and hobbies so a cookie cutter recognition and motivation program will not work. Take a look at four tips specifically for Sales Managers to keep your sales team satisfied.

1. Express interest in their professional development. Most employees are constantly striving to get better, whether it be a higher sales number, more responsibility, or a bigger sales region. Meet with them often to understand what they are looking for as a career path, and lay out measured goals for them to obtain in order to get to the next level.
2. Write thank you notes to employees who work long hours. There are times that your salesperson will put in long hours, only to have a sale fall through. This can be very discouraging to your employee, be sure to send them a thank you note for putting in the time for the campaign. Make them feel that their work is appreciated, even if the sale didn’t come through.
3. Get creative with your rewards. Chances are you know a great deal about your sales team, so use this knowledge to give them recognition that will mean more to them than others. Whether that is going ice skating, a rare coin, or a gift card for that new pair of running shoes they need for an upcoming marathon, these personalized rewards will confirm you are listening.
4. Give employees praise in public. Many times, sales can be extremely competitive internally, so being called out for something positive in public allows them to showcase their successes among peers. It also allows other employees who might not be actively aware of the successes to understand the great work your team has been producing; therefore, those other employees will be motivated to do better than their colleagues in the future!

With these four steps you can motivate and reward your sales team to help increase employee morale and employee retention. A little extra attention and creativity goes a long way.

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