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SBGC Welcomes New Team Member

Posted by Kayla Lyon on April 3rd, 2017

Stoner Bunting Gift Cards Appoints Constance Hoffman as Business Development Manager Lancaster, PA., April 3, 2017 – Stoner Bunting Gift Cards (SBGC) welcomes Constance Hoffman as its new Business Development Manager. In her role at Stoner Bunting, Hoffman will be prospecting and closing new business leads using her knowledge of the gift card industry and our SBGC service offerings. Hoffman brings more than twenty years of sales and marketing experience in a range of incentive and gift card industries including Marriott & The Ritz-Carlton Incentives and Gift Cards, and Sears & Kmart Gift Cards. Earlier in her career, Hoffman held … Read More

The Things We Do For Gift Cards: Erin Cooks With Chef’d®

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on November 30th, 2016

As most of you know, SBGC recently signed with a new brand, Chef’d®. Not only is this a new client for SBGC, but it’s a new “type” of brand in the B2B bulk gift card space as well. Now, what most of you don’t know, is that I, Erin McCullough, blogger for SBGC and resident “sure, I’ll give it a try…” employee, couldn’t even make toast without burning it up until a few years ago. The combination of this exciting new partnership and pathetic confession of cooking incompetency sparked an idea from my supervisors: let’s have Erin test out a … Read More

Meet The Team: Account Executives

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on October 18th, 2016

Simply put, Stoner Bunting Gift Cards would not be what it is without our Account Team. Under the direction of Melissa Shapiro, our Account Executives deliver personalized program management to the large number of clients SBGC serves. But how well do you really know the people behind the phone calls and weekly touch-base agendas? In the below spotlight feature, each team member gets their 15 minutes of fame with a shout out and a glimpse into their experiences here at Stoner Bunting Gift Cards Melissa Shapiro How long have you been with SBGC? Seven years. Where did you grow up? … Read More

Multi-Tasking Mistakes: When The To-Do List Takes Over

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on August 17th, 2016

Multi-tasking. We’ve all heard this word before. And, likely, a good many of you reading this have probably used this phrase as a skill on a resume or in passing at the office. I certainly have. In small offices and on small teams in big corporations, multi-tasking is a way of life; there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get things done without doing it. Despite this fact, I have to break the bad news: multi-tasking isn’t a real skill. I’m sure this statement will be met with some opposition, but in my very humble opinion, it’s true. … Read More

Fulfilling The Gift Cards Needs You Didn’t Know You Needed

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on August 3rd, 2016

As one of the pillars of our services at Stoner Bunting Gift Cards, the Order Management team was the clear choice for our next “Meet the Team” feature. Kelly Martin, department head, and her team members are some of the best in the business. They have an innate ability to keep a great sense of humor even during the Holiday season when the mass orders start pouring in and the long hours begin. Humble and hardworking, it’s time to meet the women behind our order management magic! How long have you been working with Stoner Bunting Gift Cards? How long … Read More

Making Moves: What Have We Learned And What Is The Plan?

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on July 27th, 2016

It’s time for a game plan. After reading our previous posts on competition and trends, you should have all of the tools necessary in order to propel your business forward. Have you identified your competitors? Check. Have you identified the trends within your company’s wins and losses? Check. Have you placed your company’s trends within the context of your industry’s trends and provided a gap analysis in an aggregate report? Wondering what a Competitive Tracking Service is? Do not fret – you are about to find out. Knowing your competition and noticing the trends within your company are extremely valuable … Read More

Interview With Propelr: “Don’t Be Scared Of Scrip”

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on February 29th, 2016

It is safe to say that Propelr has had a few doors slammed in their team’s face. After all, they’re a small team of about a dozen employees connected through Nelnet, a student loan servicer, that tout a pre-paid/scrip hybrid gift card opportunity that might frighten some traditional B2B buyers. Once explained, however, the concept is a great one – and with more and more companies doing all they can to create products that are meaningful AND lucrative, this could truly be where scrip is heading in the future. Last week I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with James … Read More

3 Tips For Using Social Media To Hire Effectively

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on November 3rd, 2015

Talented people looking for jobs in the 21st Century are more likely to offer you a link to their website than they are a résumé. It’s all just part of doing business in the digital age. In many ways, online innovation has made life easier for human resources professionals, but it has also presented new and unexpected challenges. One of these has been the new ways in which employees are recruited, screened and ultimately hired. Nowhere has this process changed more dramatically than the in the area of social media. Employers looking for new faces to join their team will … Read More

2 Blondes Go To Vegas….

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on October 22nd, 2015

The week of October 26th our two resident tall blondes, otherwise known as Stoner Bunting Gift Cards Sales Executives, will be heading to Las Vegas for the Money 20/20 Conference. They will be two of the 10,000 plus attendees from 75 countries visiting Sin City to partake in the largest global event focused on payments and financial services innovation. While there, Julie and Kayla will be taking time to meet with some of our many partners that are also making the trip. Let’s learn a little bit more about our favorite tall blondes. Julie Fulton: Julie started working with us … Read More

Tying In Trends: Turning Wins And Losses Into Lessons

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on October 19th, 2015

As our last post centered on the world of competition, it’s only natural that we now focus on how you can stay competitive in your industry. There are several ways that people can rise to the top, and it is very important to take note of what you are seeing around you. Identifying these trends in your industry is the simplest way to not only figure out where your company is going, but also to figure out how to get where you want your company to go. “What’s trending,” is not just a phrase used by twitter obsessed millennials, but … Read More

Rising To The Top

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on October 8th, 2015

We were born competitors. From crying for our parents’ attention, yelling louder than our siblings, and negotiating bedtime, we’ve been competing to be number one since the early days of childhood. Even our popular culture media is flooded with features that ask “who wore it better?” right after reporting on opening weekend box office numbers as if they were NFL statistics. No matter how you look at it, competition is all around us, and if you don’t jump on board with knowing your competitors and how to compete, you may get lost in the shuffle. To fully understand the importance … Read More

Meet Kim Hartranft: Matchmaker

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on August 25th, 2015

You’ve heard about Jim, but have you heard about Kim? Kim Hartranft is a Senior Sales Executive at Stoner Bunting Gift Cards and has been with the company, serving in various positions, for almost 20 years. We interviewed her and she shared with us about her experience at Stoner Bunting, how she’s seen the industry change during her time, and how one of her college jobs led to her meeting the infamous carrot top workout guru, Richard Simmons. WILD CARD QUESTIONS: 1. If you could get a gift card to any store, which store would it be? As a family, … Read More

Miniature Billboards: The Power Of Branding Your Gift Cards

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on August 18th, 2015

The power of using wholesale gift cards as part of a company’s overall branding and advertising strategy is often overlooked. Big companies are willing to hire advertising agencies to handle their traditional creative work – everything from print ad campaigns to logo re-designs. And this work is done throughout the entirety of the year, with new campaigns being launched consistently. The reason they are willing to invest into this type of advertising is because they know the importance of how their audience perceives them. Many times, potential customers come into contact with a company first not in a brick-and-mortar store … Read More

Reaching The Summit: Maximizing Your Time At Industry Conferences & Trade Shows

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on July 14th, 2015

We’ve already discussed the importance of attending summits, trade shows, seminars, conferences, or whatever you want to call them. When you sell wholesale gift cards or work with employee recognition programs, you know how difficult it can be to gain leads in the traditional ways – after all, many people are uneducated on gift card companies and employee incentive programs. Chances are, before you began work for the industry, you had no clue what it was either. However, summits are an important part of working in the incentive marketing industry. Here, we’ve outlined the practical steps that you can take … Read More

2015 Ima Summit: What You Need To Know And Why You Should Go

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on July 9th, 2015

We’re a few weeks away from the annual IMA Summit, taking place from July 26th – 28th, in Nashville, Tennessee. Attending summits and conferences is an important part of being involved in any industry. So, what exactly is the IMA and what does it do? I’M IMA Here’s a brief overview of the IMA: the acronym stands for the Incentive Marketing Association, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to, “advocate[ing] for and promot[ing] the use of incentives and recognition to improve business performance.” IMA does this in various ways – through events, seminars, research, and of course, summits. The IMA … Read More

It’s All In The Cards: Getting To Know Jim Roosa

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on June 30th, 2015

Jim Roosa is the Vice President and Managing Director of Stoner Bunting Gift Cards. He began working with the company over two decades ago and has proven himself to be a real maverick in the gift card world. We interviewed him for a company profile to learn more about his work at Stoner Bunting, what keeps him here, and how he became such a snappy dresser. We didn’t shy away from the hard hitting questions. WILD CARD QUESTIONS: 1. Are you a cat or a dog person? Dog. I’m totally tolerant of cats, but we just don’t have many in … Read More

How To Use E-Gift Cards To Reward Millennials

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on June 24th, 2015

The millennial generation is one with such a strong stigma against them that they rival the Baby Boomers. Lazy, self-appointed, know it all; all of these adjectives used by many to describe the typical millennial. While some millennials are blazing their own trail with becoming an entrepreneur, most millennials are entering the workforce, with unyielding passion, excitement, curiosity, and of course opinions. Similar to most new hires out of college, they enter your organization with a myriad of aspirational ideas on how they can do their part, help the company succeed, and of course, grow in their career. It is … Read More

You Aren’t Alone In Gift Cards

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on June 10th, 2015

We know – it’s not your job. Maybe you work in marketing, sales, or on the financial side of things at the office. But somehow, you ended up managing gift card sales. And trust us when we say that we know it can be overwhelming. The channels that gift cards go through to reach the customer are lengthy – order processing, payment of orders, payment receipt confirmation, activation, fulfillment – and that’s not even the end of the process. Chances are, you didn’t even know that the business of bulk gift cards existed until it suddenly became your responsibility. This … Read More

Scrip Vs. Script

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on June 4th, 2015

Settling the Debate Once and For All If you have kids in elementary school, it’s likely that you’ve been roped into hawking coupon books or tickets to a sub-par chicken dinner as part of a school fundraiser. And while it may sometimes be unpleasant trying to get your kids to actually do the selling (we’re looking at you, parents, who just buy all of your kids’ stuff to avoid the hassle of doing the fundraising) it’s an integral part of helping school programs become successful. Going Off Script One of the programs that have helped propel fundraising into the future … Read More

Partner Feature: Scrip

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on June 3rd, 2015

Great Lakes Scrip Center has been a leader in gift card fundraising since its inception. From their beginning, the motto of “Fundraising While You Shop®” has shaped the way they do business. They help schools, churches, and other non-profits earn money for their organizations by purchasing items they need – like groceries, gas, and clothes – with gift cards instead of credit or debit cards. Every time a person uses a gift card they purchase through Great Lakes Scrip Center, they earn money for their organization. And by the way, their name really is Scrip, not Script (more on that … Read More

3 Reasons Gift Cards Are Better Than Cash

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on April 10th, 2015

While money may not grow on trees, microbes actually do grow on money. And that’s just one of several reasons why giving gift cards is more appealing than giving cash. Here are three more: • Gift cards can be replaced. Lost or stolen gift cards? No problem. In most situations, gift card issuers can deactivate the missing card and a new one can be substituted. You certainly can’t do that with cash. When that $100 bill is gone—it’s gone. • Gift cards are guilt-free. Most of the time, when people receive cash as a gift—even for a specific item—they often … Read More

4 Ways Turnover Affects Profitability

Posted by Stoner Bunting Gift Cards on March 26th, 2015

We can’t do it all alone. In order to build a large, healthy, and sustainable business, you need to have quality employees. These employees are motivated, engaged in the company’s success, as well as passionate to continue to grow their craft. Some of your most valued employees could be those who have been with you for a very long time, as well as those who haven’t been with you a long time but are your hardest workers. Losing one of these valued assets could set your business back substantially. Here are 4 ways that turnover can affect your profitability. 4 … Read More

Announcing The Stoner Bunting Gift Cards Ebook!

Posted by Joe Terranova on January 22nd, 2015

Stoner Bunting Gift Cards is excited to announce our first-ever eBook! Need some employee incentive ideas to spice up your employee recognition program, or perhaps a customer loyalty program? Then take a peek at our new eBook, designed to help you revamp your employee rewards program. Whether it be handing out bulk gift cards in employee performance reviews, or simply giving someone a pat on the back, this eBook will make you rethink how you structure your program. Here is a small slice of what you can expect to find: Warning Signs of a Disengaged Employee: When employees become increasingly … Read More

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