3 Creative Ways To Give Employees A Gift Card

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When you hand someone a gift card, it can appear very transactional. Think about on your birthday, you receive a package, oblong in shape, wrapped beautifully and sitting on your coffee table. On top of that package is a small 3”x3” envelope. Which one are you more excited to open?

Chances are the gift card could have a higher monetary value than the package, despite its smaller size. However, the presentation of the gift card fell short. Here are some creative ideas to add more flair to your gift cards and make the gift card receiving experience, a memorable one.

1. Wrap it in the package: Let’s say that you are purchasing a gift card for your employee’s favorite pizza chain. What could be a more creative way to present that gift card than to get an empty pizza box from that chain, and place the gift card in the middle? You could go the extra step and deliver it to them, just like a pizza delivery person.

2. Provide complimentary items: Think about the experience that person is going to enjoy while they use the gift card that you provided them and find adjacent items. For example, you purchase a gift card for a salon because your employee has been talking about getting a new hair style, or massage. Instead of just handing them the card, buy a pair of flip-flops, and hair shampoo, tie them together with the card nestled in between. This creative idea will get them started and excited for the salon experience.

3. Miniature versions work too: If your employee as been complaining that they need to get an oil change, their alignment checked, or they are in need of a tune up, why not purchase them a gift card to an automotive service center. But instead of just handing them the card, buy a miniature version of their car (or a similar car) with an air freshener. This little touch makes it unique and that miniature car might remain on their desk from now on, as a great keepsake to your thoughtfulness.

These ideas can help take the generic nature out of giving a gift card and help make the gift card giving process more fun for you, and your employee.

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