5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your B2B Gift Card Program

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Your company’s B2B gift card program is your responsibility. Now, you want to transform the program into a lean, mean profit center. Outsourcing may be the answer.

There are five key reasons to outsource your B2B gift card management to Stoner Bunting Gift Cards (SBGC). Find out why you should partner with professionals to take control of your program’s success.

1. Get your cards in a row.

The gift card industry is a complex, unwieldy creature—one that’s projected to generate $160 billion in sales by 2018. But if your team struggles to execute against corporate goals or can’t keep up with this constantly changing space, it’s time for a shift that gives your brand its fair share of gift card sales.

As an experienced management company, we deliver solutions to those challenges. Whether you need to define goals or implement current strategies more efficiently, our team has the resources to develop a well-executed plan that turns your gift card program into a valued business unit.

2. Oh, the places you’ll place.

When you hear the term B2B gift card sales, you might imagine card kiosks at grocery or drug stores. However, if you target only that market, you are missing valuable opportunities to increase brand awareness and boost sales.

When you partner with Stoner Bunting Gift Cards, we’ll assess your brand to recommend additional B2B sales channels, resulting in targeted placement that positions your cards in the right spaces at the right times for increased sales. We’ll also identify distribution gaps in your program, allowing for new opportunities and smart growth.

3. Set your resources free so you can pivot faster.

You and your team juggle plenty of responsibilities. When you partner with an experienced gift card program management team, you free up valuable internal resources, such as time and money.

Since our team’s expertise is in the gift card industry, we have the contacts, capabilities, and resources to get the job done quickly, increasing your speed to market. For example, it may take your team weeks to contact B2B prospects—and months or years longer to develop buyer relationships. That lost time translates into lost sales. An expert gift card management company is more likely to have established contacts and relationships to start placing your gift cards faster and more efficiently.

And, since SBGC specializes in B2B gift card sales, we know data, too. Our team will collect, compile, and analyze the sales and distribution information you need to make decisions that grow your gift card sales.

4. Tap the power of gift card industry professionals.

Maybe you handle the entire gift card program yourself. Or you’re relying on a marketing assistant with plenty of enthusiasm but little business or B2B gift card experience. With Stoner Bunting Gift Cards, you’ll gain access to an entire team of B2B gift card professionals, on call and ready to put our knowledge to work for your brand.

5. Ditch the day-to-day worries.

But there’s so much more to increasing B2B gift card sales than finding new distribution channels. In reality, the process includes a complex range of interconnected tasks, from card activation to inventory control to customer service. Outsourcing takes the hassle out of day-to-day operations.


Take control of your gift card program.

SBGC delivers the services you need to transform B2B gift card management struggles into success. Learn more about our complete list of management services, from strategic planning to bulk fulfillment to comprehensive reporting. Chat with an SBGC team member for recommendations on how we can partner to grow your program.

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