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Gift Card Consultancy

Gift card sales don’t drive themselves. Profitable programs are directed by an informed, customized strategy that lowers costs, boosts sales, and outpaces the competition.

Yet even successful brands struggle to translate their consumer success into the gift card space.

Stoner Bunting Gift Cards (SBGC) will guide your brand to profitability with seasoned advice, proven strategies, and an eye for new opportunities. Since 2001, our team of advisory experts has brought clarity and success to brands of all sizes, including some of the nation’s most recognized companies.

Program Analysis

Mapping out long-term success means first understanding where you are now. We aggregate data from multiple sources to fully assess your program. Combined with competitive tracking and trend identification, these numbers build the foundation for smart growth.


The SBGC experts use the analysis to develop a 360-degree view of your gift card program. We’ll collaborate closely with you to pinpoint challenges, identify opportunities, and build a path forward. The result is an actionable B2B gift card strategy that delivers results.


Third-party distribution is a complex space that’s not always easy for gift card program managers to navigate. We’ll guide your brand with strategic recommendations based on in-depth third-party analysis and promotion evaluation, including creative and peg audits.

Brand representation matters in a marketplace crowded with hundreds of gift card options. We safeguard your brand like it’s our own with creative audits that ensure it’s accurately represented in B2B marketing materials, such as loyalty program websites or fundraising catalogs

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