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Gift Card Analytics and Reporting

What do you need to know to build a profitable B2B gift card program?

Stoner Bunting Gift Cards (SBGC) will help find the answers—even if you don’t know all the questions yet.

We dive deeply into data to find the missing puzzle pieces of your program, so you can reduce costs, grow sales, and pivot quickly in the rapidly evolving gift card industry.

But we do so much more than aggregate numbers.

Our in-house gift card analytics team collaborates closely with your SBGC account executive to place that information into context, so you understand how the data might be impacted by factors like recent legislation, declining trends, or seasonal shifts.

Gift Card Reporting and Analytics Services

Program Gap Analysis

Gaps in your gift card strategy send sales to the competition. SBGC’s expert team uses in-depth reporting and analysis to assess your brand’s current placement and pinpoint opportunities for new channels, like loyalty programs, scrip fundraising, and the secondary market.

Competitive Tracking Reports (CTR)

We aggregate robust reporting from third-party distributors to flesh out how your gift card program compares to competitive brands within your industry, allowing you to build a strategy that targets growth opportunities.

Standardized Reporting

SBGC delivers standardized reporting, such as sales trends and real-time sales tracking, to maintain accountability and empower informed decision making. And, if we handle your bulk gift card order and fulfillment, we’ll provide detailed supporting data, such as order logs and billing reports.

Customized Reporting

Your brand is unique, and you may need specialized gift card analytics and reporting to support its sales, marketing, accounting, operational, and accountability needs. SBGC’s team has the industry expertise and technical creativity to develop custom reports, whether you need sales data to assist third-party contract negotiations or trends data to help solicit buy-in from your CEO.

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