Order & Fulfillment

Bulk Gift Card Order & Fulfillment Services

Shorten your to-do list by relying on our expert team to manage your B2B gift card fulfillment operations.

From prequalifying B2B buyers to activating cards after arrival, the operational aspects of bulk plastic and eGift card orders and fulfillment require time, physical space, and people power you may not have.

Stoner Bunting Gift Cards (SBGC) will manage and execute your program’s operational components, so you stay focused on your core responsibilities instead of worrying about sorting and packing cards for shipment.

Order Processing & Activation

Our team handles all day-to-day operational tasks, including buyer prequalification, customer invoicing, payment verification, and card activation. With best-in-class processes, robust operational reporting, and relationships with all major processors, we’ll keep program costs low and protect your reputation as a trusted brand.

Fulfillment Services

Efficient inventory management and fulfillment requires more than time and space—it requires proven processes that get the right gift cards to the right buyers. When you partner with SBGC, you gain the advantage of a full-service, scalable fulfillment center that seamlessly handles operations for you.

Customer Service

Whether they’re fielding questions or verifying shipments, our Lancaster, PA-based customer service team treats your brand’s B2B gift card buyers like the valued customers they are. We offer a friendly, professional customer care experience that exceeds buyers’ expectations—and yours.

Special Projects

Don’t waste valuable time shifting a special project in gear. Our team delivers the processes, resources, and expertise to give your priority gift card order fulfillment projects the attention they need to grow prepaid revenue.

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