SBGC Results

“Stoner Bunting does a superb job!  In my career, there have only been 2 companies that I have worked with and would highly recommend; Stoner Bunting Gift Cards is one of them. Their customer service, follow up, follow thru, industry connections, industry knowledge and most importantly ability to generate new lines of business is without equal. As an old saying goes, “If they are not the best, the best won’t mess with them!!!”
– Mike Parsons BelkLogo

1. Case Study: Starting a B2B Gift Card Program

Marketing Strategies to Grow Gift Card Sales:
National retailer entered B2B market with no sales or presence in the gift card space

  • Secured partnerships with key B2B buyers/resellers
  • Increased B2B marketing impressions to over 2 Million in 2013
  • Acquired presence in over 300 3rd party locations such as grocery stores, convenience stores and pharmacy
  • Overall sales growth in 2013 was 10X the sales after the 2008 inaugural year

Sales in 3rd party locations continues to grow 25% per year

2. Case Study: Third Party Analysis

Managing Third Party Sales: Data Analysis
National and regional retailers wanted to better understand opportunities in the grocery, convenience, big box, and pharmacy third party gift card distribution channels

  • Streamlined reporting for client to present overall sales picture to senior management
  • Contacted stores that had no inventory to determine accuracy in distribution
    • Sales increased by 63% when “$0“ sale doors were contacted
  • Identified opportunities for promotions within key distribution partners
    • Example: Convenience stores
  • Coordinated partnership marketing efforts to cross-promote brands

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