Corporate Gift Card Marketing Programs

Stoner Bunting has remarkable expertise and professionalism! They have guided us every step of the way in developing our unique charity gift card. Their rewards and incentive industry connections and the respect they command from partners, has helped us establish a totally new ‘charity product’ into a competitive market. Always developing new leads and spreading the word about your product; Stoner Bunting is the one to have on your team!
-Daniel Goodman 


Stoner Bunting Gift Cards has the support of a full-service ad agency to guide branding and execute sales-building tactics. Here are some of the ways we can build your gift card business:

Direct Sales

Stoner Bunting manages clients’ local target marketing program, leveraging greater awareness and affinity for their brand in primary (store-level) geography. Targets include:

  • Mid-sized corporations not currently using motivation companies for their rewards programs
  • Businesses near store locations, where there will be above average awareness levels
  • Relevant verticals
  • Verticals known to buy gift cards, such as customer service and fulfillment companies
  • Non-profits

Stoner Bunting uses emails and phone calls to qualify corporate and fundraising sales leads for gift card sales relevance. Interested customers will have an easy way to buy or have their company include your brand’s Gift Cards in their rewards and fundraising programs.

Trade Shows

We represent our clients at all the major industry trade shows, summits, and events, such as The Motivation Show, The Prepaid Expo, Great Lakes Scrip Summit, and the IMA Summit.

2012 Motivation Show Case Study

Social Media

Stoner Bunting Gift Cards uses social media services for B2B marketing to provide an innovative approach for promoting brand awareness, as well as to increase gift card marketing ROI. In 2010, Stoner Bunting launched one of the first bulk purchasing Facebook shopping carts.

We leverage social media marketing services to provide:

  • A platform for fan interaction and feedback
  • Increased brand exposure and lead generation
  • A vehicle for sales and marketing promotions
  • A channel to engage in brand-specific social media conversations
  • Targeted  banner advertising


Stoner Bunting Advertising provides the resources of a full-service ad agency. For over 25 years, Stoner Bunting Advertising has been a leader with strategic know-how at the core of our success.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help grow your gift card business through affordable social media services. Call 877.447.5429 or email us ( for additional information.

In-Store Sales Strategy

Partner with Stoner Bunting on your in-store selling strategy, and you will benefit from:

Brand marketing expertise

For nearly 25 years, Stoner Bunting Advertising has built a reputation as a creative leader with sound strategic insights at the core of our successes.  We have helped local, regional and national brands stand out in commodity markets by competing on the strength of their points-of-difference.

National retail point of sale experience

We have years of experience creating dynamic and effective selling systems for brands such as Armstrong, Stainmaster Carpet, and Corian, appearing in national chains such as Lowe’s and The Home Depot. We excel at creating point of sale messaging, and communicating clearly and concisely to customers in an unaided sales environment. We pride ourselves on our process to understand the selling environment, competitors, and customer opinion and behavior in order to create effective selling strategies that yield positive return.

Gift card industry insight

The Stoner Bunting Gift Card Crew is an experienced marketing team within the agency that specializes in partnership marketing, including gift card sales and retail promotions.  We are an industry leader that works with both regional and national brands to build brand awareness and generate sales through well executed gift card programs.  We retain membership in all major industry associations, and attend various industry shows and events.   We’re the only agency providing a turnkey program of Sales, Marketing and Fulfillment, and our ad agency resources allow us to be flexible and react to a changing marketplace.

A collaborative approach

Because you are the ones who live and breathe your business, we value your input and suggestions above all. We always offer our honest opinions and expertise as marketers, but we recognize that creating successful work involves more listening than talking.

Stoner Bunting Advertising brings all this and more to every client relationship. We see ourselves as far more than marketing partners. We are partners in your business, dedicated to using our specific areas of expertise to improve your bottom line.