Get Road Trip Ready: Summer Car Care Checklist

Posted by Morgan Chalfant on July 10th, 2017

Be it business or pleasure, if a road trip for you or your team is on the to-do list this summer, Jiffy Lube® wants to make sure your vehicle is good to go. Preventative maintenance will go a long way toward reducing the risk of being stranded roadside with a car full of passengers wanting to know if you’re there yet.

Use these car care tips to keep your vehicle ready for whatever your summer brings.

Check oil and other essential fluids. Oil, along with other must-have fluids like those for brakes and power steering, are essential for getting to your destination. Always check the vehicle’s engine oil before leaving for a trip, and if you’re close to the manufacturer’s oil change recommendation, have it changed by a professional.

Check engine coolant. At best, an overheated engine will delay summer adventures; at worst, it will result in costly damage. Always have engine coolant and hoses checked before hitting the road during warm weather season. In some cases, your technician may suggest flushing and replacing engine coolant, a service usually recommended about every 40,000 miles, depending on the make and model.

Maintain your air conditioning. Road trips are a blast—until your A/C isn’t blasting blessedly cool air anymore. Make sure you and your passengers stay comfortable by having the air conditioning system checked by a qualified technician to ensure it’s in good working order and leak free.

Clear your vision.Dirty windshields will cloud your field of vision, creating a safety hazard for you, passengers, and fellow road trekkers. Wiper blades take the brunt of winter storms and spring rains, so it’s wise to replace them before summer travel. Wiper blade replacement is also an ideal time to check and top off washer fluid.

Ditch the junk in the trunk. Extra weight in the trunk does more than limit storage space; it cuts back on your fuel economy, too. Every additional 100 pounds in your vehicle reduces miles per gallon (MPG) by about one percent. So, before you leave, save some gas money by clearing out that extra sports equipment or those boxes marked for donation.

Stock an emergency kit. Hit the road with the supplies you need to help get you out of an unexpected jam. A basic car emergency kit should include jumper cables, a flashlight, screwdrivers, bungee cords, and at least one signal cone. While you’re stocking the car kit, refresh your vehicle’s first aid kit, too, with supplies like bandages, antibiotic ointment, gauze pads, aspirin, and tweezers.

Can’t do it all yourself? Trust summer car care to the preventative maintenance experts. Jiffy Lube® technicians do more than change oil. From inspecting an A/C system for leaks to putting on the right wiper blades, road trippers can count on Jiffy Lube’s know-how to keep vehicles on the road this summer.

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